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    Advantages / issues associated with upgrade to GRC 12.0

    Novella Jane Landreth
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      If this is the wrong community for my questions, please let me know and I'll repost my questions in the right community.


      We are in the process of upgrading to GRC 10.1 and are considering a future upgrade to 12.0.   Based on that, I have a few questions:


      1. For those of you who have upgraded to 12.0, can you let me know how the upgrade went.  Are you glad you upgraded?  What were the main challenges or issues?  Were the functionality enhancements worth the upgrade?  Did they significantly improve the customer user experience or simplify administration tasks?
      2. We only use ARA and EAM, not the provisioning or role management components.  And we do not have S4/HANA or Fiori installed.  Are there enough ARA or EAM enhancements to justify the expense of upgrading from 10.1 to 12.0?
      3. Are there many dependencies on the connected applications?  Meaning, are they required to upgrade any of their components or just the GRC plug-in?


      I would sincerely appreciate any input you have if have upgraded to 12.0.


      Thank you very much,

      Jane Landreth