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    Future of Hana Data Modeling

    Andre Coetser
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      Does anyone know what the future holds for Hana's graphical data modeling (VDM's)? We started using this tool back in 2015/16 to build Hana models for reporting and dash-boarding, and need to know if we need to rebuild all the models in S/4 CDS, or will SAP continue to support VDM's past 2025? We do understand that for new views it is better to use CDS, but need to know what the future hold for content we already built in VDM's.

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          Thank you for the quick response Tammy. I see what you mean, so let me ask my question differently. I am looking into the future of the tool that build the data models in Hana, Calculation views to be more direct. In Hana studio is the Hana Modeler tool that allows you to build VDM's (mostly calculation views) graphically. I heard that SAP was moving the modeler into the Hana IDE. Before SAP announced CDS, they were using this tool to build Hana Live views that one could consume in SAP BI. We bought into that technology and developed a lot of content based on that technology, and now that we want to upgrade to 1809, I need to know if SAP is going to continue to support the tool and the capabilities past 2025. Converting all this content into CDS views is not an option for us at this time.