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    issues with open payment authorizations on sales orders

    Kim Dudgeon
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      We are on ECC 6.0 running on the Hana database.  We have a custom front end for creating sales orders that feeds them into our SAP system.  We made some enhancements to that custom front end system earlier this year, and now we are seeing more and more sales orders where there are outstanding open authorizations for payment cards.  These open authorizations cause issues processing subsequent payments/refunds on the sales order.


      I am no expert in sales order configuration, my expertise is in Finance.  I know enough about SD config to be dangerous, but not enough to know all the intricacies when things aren't working.  Can anyone tell me what can cause these 'extra authorizations' to happen and leave me with open authorizations?  Our process is to auth and settle the same day for the amount of the authorization.  We don't do pre-authorizations.


      I have noticed that in all of the orders that have this issue, the fpltc table is not being updated with the correct information.  Either the item is missing completely, or it is in the table, but missing the auth number and auth ref number.


      I have tried recreating the issue in our DEV system, but so far I can't seem to make the problem happen on demand.


      In addition, we are trying to figure out the best way to fix orders that have this issue.  If anyone can help with that question also, it would be appreciated.