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    SAP Concur Locate - Keeping Employees Safe Around the Globe: A New Way to Think about Duty of Care

    Debbie Peake
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      WHEN:  September 27, 2018

      TIME:    11:00am - 12:00 noon EDT




      Companies often think about Risk and Security Management as it relates to people travelling outside their home country. With more serious weather situations, isolated attacks on American soil, and the trend of having employees working from remote home offices, it means that managing risk and security must evolve as well.

      The biggest shift is to start thinking about risk and security management as an issue that affects all employees, not just travelers. Being able to help all employees regardless of their location demonstrates a company’s commitment to their people.

      Data that leads to the identification of an employee’s location can be obtained from many different systems. Why rely on only travel itineraries? Purchases on company credit cards, e-receipts, real time expense capture - are some of the innovative ways we are thinking about being able to identify employee locations at the same time being sensitive to employee privacy.

      Join SAP Concur to find out about Concur Locate and what risk management gaps you might have in terms of data and visibility, understand the benefits of an end to end integrated solution and begin thinking about risk and security management as something that is an employee wide requirement.


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