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    Landed Cost Reporting

    Lynn Smith

      HI- I am new SAP B1.  I need to pull a report showing the details of our landed costs.  Does anyone already pull this information?  If so, how do you do it?  Thanks!

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          Hello Lynn.  You did not specify what types of information you are looking for, and I assume you are looking for SQL.  But major tables I used with SQL in the past for a few Customers are:


          FROM OALC T0 [this is the Landed Cost Table Infomration]


          INNER JOIN IPF2 T1 [this is the Landed Cost Line Information]

          ON T0.AlcCode = T1.AlcCode


          INNER JOIN OIPF T2  [this is the Landed Cost Header Information]

          ON T1.DocEntry = T2.DocEntry


          WHERE T2.DocDate >= [%0] AND  T2.DocDate <= [%1]


          The rest of the SQL is really dependent upon what type of information you are looking for.


          Hope this helps!!!