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    Landed Cost Reporting

    Lynn Smith

      HI- I am new SAP B1.  I need to pull a report showing the details of our landed costs.  Does anyone already pull this information?  If so, how do you do it?  Thanks!

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          Hello Lynn.  You did not specify what types of information you are looking for, and I assume you are looking for SQL.  But major tables I used with SQL in the past for a few Customers are:


          FROM OALC T0 [this is the Landed Cost Table Infomration]


          INNER JOIN IPF2 T1 [this is the Landed Cost Line Information]

          ON T0.AlcCode = T1.AlcCode


          INNER JOIN OIPF T2  [this is the Landed Cost Header Information]

          ON T1.DocEntry = T2.DocEntry


          WHERE T2.DocDate >= [%0] AND  T2.DocDate <= [%1]


          The rest of the SQL is really dependent upon what type of information you are looking for.


          Hope this helps!!!

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            There are a number of ways to look at landed cost information.   One is to run the Transaction Journal Report for Landed Cost Transactions.  Off of the right click menu on the Item Master Data form you can run the Inventory Audit Report which will show list all of the transactions for the item.  You will be able to easily see cost adjustments due to a Landed Cost Transaction.  You can also run the Inventory Audit Report off of the menu under Inventory->Inventory Reports.  


            Most of our customers find the standard Business One land cost reporting sufficient and do not write queries in this area.