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    issues posting sales order returns with correct tax amount/jurisdiction

    Kim Dudgeon
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      We use ECC6.0 and Vertex O Series On Demand (Version 7.0) for Sales tax calculations.


      We are having issues with return sales and how they are calculating tax and which tax jurisdiction is reporting the return in Vertex.  This has been ongoing, and we have been continually tweaking the process, and our tax accountants have asked for another change.


      The bottom line response we were given is that a return should be a direct reversal posting of the original sale, which includes amounts and the location being reported.  Our issue comes in where we have the situation where an item was purchased in one state, and then returned to another state, or when an item has been shipped UPS from our Central warehouses, and is then returned to a store in a different location.  We have a lot of custom code in our SAP system, and we think the combination of the copy control configuration and the custom code is causing the issue.


      We also understand that we can’t be alone in this issue.  Any retailer taking returns would have the same requirement.  So how did you get it to work for the types of scenarios that are described above?  I would love to discuss with someone who has successfully implemented this.


      Thank you in advance.