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    Opening and Closing Open Enrollment

    Jessica Rogers
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      I have a question regarding opening and closing the open enrollment period in your SAP testing environments.


      Our current process:


      We send a transport through in September with our October enrollment dates ‘October 1-October 31’

      After that transport hits PRD it of course closes our open enrollment in all environments for the other 11 months.  So for testing purposes (when it requires an open enrollment scenario) I have to create a transport in Dev and move to QA to open it.  I usually just open for remaining year.


      Problem is the transport cannot sit in QA forever, so I used to follow it with a close.  And then do it again when we needed it open again.  This obviously got very cumbersome.  SO now we are moving the transport to QA and then having basis delete it out of the Que to PRD.


        So ideally this will have to be done 1 time ever year.