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    B1WS Transactions



      We have a project that creates Production orders using DI API. I am working on updating the project using B1WS (9.1) but I realized that there is no concept of Transactions (begin transaction/commit/rollback) with B1WS. But we need to use the transaction in our project. Can you please suggest the alternate to transaction in B1WS?


      Thank you!

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          Richard Duffy

          Effectively (as I understand it) the B1WS capability does not support transactions - this is a limitation of web services generally as they are stateless and all values and parameters are passed in a single document to the web service which succeeds or fails as a whole with the transaction handling being done on the back end by the data layer.


          If anyone knows better please chime in.


          Can you explain a bit more about why you need transaction support?