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    How to get current month data

      Hi Expert,


      Help needed !

      SELECT  t0."DocNum" AS "DocNum", T0."DocDate" AS "Date", T1."ItemCode" AS "ItemCode",

          T1."Dscription" AS "ItemDesc", t3."ItmsGrpNam", T1."Quantity" AS "Received Qty", T0."Comments"

      FROM OIGE T0

          INNER JOIN IGE1 T1 ON T1."DocEntry" = T0."DocEntry"

          INNER JOIN OITM T2 ON T1."ItemCode" = T2."ItemCode"

          INNER JOIN OITB t3 ON t2."ItmsGrpCod" = t3."ItmsGrpCod"

          WHERE MONTH(t0."DocDate") = MONTH(NOW()) AND YEAR(t0."DocDate") = YEAR(NOW())