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    HANA : Migration of Customer Credit Data

    Rohit Zalani
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      Hi Forum Members

      With S4 HANA, all the credit management functions have been migrated to FSCM. So now, a credit segment needs to be created for every business partner once it has been created in the system. The issue is how do we migrate the credit data for the newly created BP ? There seem to be function modules for update of the credit segments, but that still requires one to create the credit segment.

      So, if we are migrating data from a legacy system into SAP HANA, how do we get a way to upload the credit data for a BP  ? Is there a way to create the credit data using an upload tool or is there a way to default a credit segment for any new BP when it is created so that it can then be updated ?


      How do we handle data migration for this with S/4 HANA ?


      Appreciate your inputs




      Rohit Zalani