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    9.3 Centralized Deployment

    Larry Bowdish

      I don't quite understand what the function of this is.  We have 9.2 HANA.  The example in the video is to copy a HANA deployment to a windows machine. 

      Why would you want to do that?

      Is this a way of performing a backup, without backup software?

      We use SEP Sesam, and approved backup solution. If we can copy the database, then do we need the Sesam backup software?


      Sorry, this just confuses me.

      Thank you,

      Larry Bowdish

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          Richard Duffy

          Hi Larry,


          Centralised deployment is really designed to help rolling out the solution and maintaining it across the network with tasks for deploying the client, upgrading the databases and as you have also seen, running backups.


          So its a system administrators tool that helps the process and means you can do all the steps from a central location rather than running around to different workstations running setups and keeping track of what is where and what versions are installed...


          On the backup topic -


          Theres a couple of different ways of dealing with backups in a HANA environment.


          You can run a cron job that will execute the backup for you using the HANA engine, you can use the HANA backup feature inside the HANA Studio to run a full data backup or you can use a solution like SEP or R1Soft (we use this to backup all our cloud environments). Theres also the SAP Business One Backup Service that can be deployed as part of the core B1 components.


          Its a matter of what level of recovery you are wanting to achieve when things go astray.


          The backup inside HANA for example just backs up the data and logs so if you have a server failure, you have to potentially reinstall the server and then restore the data whereas what we do is a full "bare metal" backup that allows us to restore the entire machine in 30 minutes.


          Here's a good overview from SAP's perspective of the HANA backup process and options that may be useful as well


          SAP HANA Backup and Recovery (Overview)