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    S/4 - Human change - Web Assistant?

    Wallace Henry

      S/4 will bring, for many of us, a large human change as we move from older Sapgui Way of Working into Fiori with its mini-cockpits on the tiles. 


      SAP has this "Web Assistant" content mentioned in the S/4 context, with the teaser of using SAP Enable Now for customers to extend SAP content or add their own content.


      However, for me, this area seems to be evolving faster than the information shares - and it feels a bit between the chairs/groups of S/4 SAP and SAP Enable Now SAP.


      Does anyone else have a good picture/understanding  on this topic they are willing to share?

      Anyone else considering this topic as part of their S/4 migrations/implementations?


      Thanks, Wallace

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          Wallace Henry

          Replying to my post.  After posting this, and not finding answers, I took an "Ask Expert" session with SAP SEN (SAP Enable Now) support.


          I post this to (hopefully) assist others who may search Asug here.



          To see a sample of this Web Assistant, look at link:  SAP Fiori Cloud Demo Then "See it in action" button, then click on the help button, the "?" in screen upper right

          Content is available in two scenarios:

          1. Standard Content Scenario (SAP Delivered, more content added periodically)
          2. Extended Content - where you add content.

          This is active in S/4 since 1704, cloud and on-prem

          To make this active, several steps/actions:

          Need to be on SEN

          Need Hana DB on Manager (could perhaps share another Hana DB)

          Hana DB versions and SEN (Perhaps Fiori versions also) matter and have to align.

          Check Integration guide document, also ask support if stuck.

          How to see SEN current documentation:  KBA 2467125 on SAP Support site

          Suggestion if you use Web Assistant on multiple S/4 instances - setup separate Manager Workarea for each instance.