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    quarantine inventory

    John Pinto

      Any hope that B1 will have the ability to have the ability to quarantine inventory so that it is not visible for sales orders?  I know we can put inventory into a warehouse that would keep it segregated but what would be more useful is to not have to move the inventory around but just mark it as quarantined where it is already located.

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          Richard Duffy

          Hi John,


          I will ask my contacts at SAP for their view on this and come back to you.


          What would be the process flow you have in mind? I imagine that you would not quarantine all the inventory for an item, correct? Only a partial quantity - in which case a movement would still be required to quarantine that stock.


          Can you give me more information about the specific scenario so i can explain it to SAP Product Managers?





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            Dave Gutman

            Hi Richard,


            Other ERP systems with a heavy inventory focus handle this via an attribute at the Bin called 'Not Available Bin', and a new quantity value at the Item / Warehouse level called 'Quantity Not Available' (or similar).  In B1 this could be deployed as a new column on the Inventory Data tab of Item Maintenance, and added to appropriate Inventory reports (as filters and output fields).  An option in General Settings would be added to enable the system to change the definition of In Stock as 'quantity on-hand' minus 'Not Available' OR define a new field for 'In Stock - Not Available'.  Either way these fields would be recalculated each time a transaction occurs within the warehouse, with the transaction quantity impacting one or the other Quantity field based on the Bin's Not Available setting.  The Bin's Not Available setting should be changeable only if there is zero stock on hand in the bin.  The new definition of In Stock quantity should be changeable only when there is zero stock on hand in the warehouse. 


            Pick Pack Manager would need to be aware to disregard quantities in Not Available Bins, as would Deliveries, Invoices, etc.


            Obviously there would be much more to this than just in this summary, but this covers the core of it.

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              Richard Duffy

              Thanks Dave.


              Hopefully John Pinto  can chip in on this before I pass your feedback to SAP...

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                Dave describes what would be workable.  Basically to mark locations as "Quarantine" locations within a warehouse and the stock stored there would not be available for sales orders, etc.  The only things you can do with that stock is move it around (transfers) to other "quarantine" bins or if you want to "unquarantine" some of it you can move it to a regular bin but it should have some kind of warning that you are about to "unquarantine" the stock being moved.  You could also do a goods issue to remove the stock and you can cycle count it too.  Bottom Line: you don't want to be able to "sell" or see it as "available" to be sold.  An additional enhancement would be to mark combos of items and vendors as automatically quarantined when they are received in and therefore can only be received into a quarantined location.  Therefore if you have an item that you source from multiple vendors you can mark some of those vendors (for that item) as needing to be quarantined upon receipt but the rest of the vendors (for that item) can go straight into regular bins.

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                  Dave Gutman

                  The next level would be make the Bin-level indicator control if the bin's are not available for picking, or for production, or for both.  Need to include issues to production in a similar way as picking for shipments.  Also an option to indicate if customer returns, and returns from manufacturing can only be put away into not available bins.  Decide if picking for Transfers (1-step or ITR) should be allowed from not available bins, or not, or how to control it.  Finally, always allow returns to vendor from not available bins. 

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                    John Pinto

                    Oh yes, there is more to quarantining as you described it Dave.  I'd just like to know if SAP is even considering any of this for a future version or if this will always be something that has to be handled via an add-on.  Unfortunately without there being some native SAP concept of "unavailable" or "quarantine" it will never integrate into the normal sales order or e-commerce processes that are built onto standard B1.  Again, we are handling currently by making it a separate warehouse but that is just very cumbersome to manage.

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                      Dave Gutman

                      Hi John,


                      I suggest you log this on SAP's Influence page for B1: https://influence.sap.com/sap/ino/#/campaign/887 .  You'll need to be logged in.