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    SAP Business One DI and UI API Error Messages and what they mean

    Richard Duffy


      When you are building a complementary solution for SAP Business One or using one that has been built for your company, you may find that you run in to an error message if something isn't quite right.

      Unfortunately, sometimes these error messages don't add to the solution they simply boost your frustration as you may not know what the error messages mean or where to go looking for the resolution - or even how to explain to the developer what's happening.

      So, hopefully you will find this list of DI/UI API Error codes useful

      103 Connection to the company database has failed.
      104 Connection to the license database has failed.
      105 The observer.dll init has failed.
      106 You are not connected to a company.
      107 Wrong username and/or password.
      108 Error reading company definitions.
      109 Error copying dll to temp directory.
      110 Error opening observer.dll.
      111 Connection to SBO-Common has failed.
      112 Error extracting dll from cab.
      113 Error creating temporary dll folder.
      114 No server defined.
      115 No database defined.
      116 Already connected to a company database.
      117 Language is not supported.
      118 Exceeded the number of max concurrent users.
      1001The field is to small to accept the data.
      1002Invalid row.
      1103Object not supported.
      1104Invalid XML file.
      1105Invalid index.
      1106Invalid field name.
      1107Wrong object state.
      1108The transaction is already active.
      1109There is no active transaction in progress.
      1110Invalid user entered.
      1111Invalid file name.
      1112Could not save the XML file.
      1113Function not implemented.
      1114XML validation failed.
      1115No XML schema was found to support this object.
      1120Ref count for this object is higher then 0.
      1130Invalid edit state.
      2000SQL native error.
      2050No query string entered.
      2051No value found.
      2052No records found.
      2053Invalid object.
      2054Either BOF or EOF have been reached.
      2055The value entered is invalid.
      3000The logged-on user does not have permission to use this object.
      3001You do not have a permission to view this fields data.
      8004Company connection is dead.
      8005Server connection is dead.
      8006Error opening language resource.
      8007License failure.
      8008Error initializing the DB layer.
      8009Too many users connected.
      8010No valid license is present.
      8011Error initializing Business objects layer.
      8012Company version mismatch.
      8013Error initializing the application environment.
      8014Invalid command.
      8015Missing parameter.
      8016Unsupported object.
      8017Invalid command for this object.
      8018Internal permission error.
      8019DLL is not initialized.
      8020Language init error.
      8021Timeout encountered.
      8022Init error.
      8023Wrong user or password.

      So now that you know what the error codes mean, hopefully you'll have a better chance of getting the problems solved - whilst I can't necessarily debug your developers code, if you encounter an error and you aren't sure how to address it, you can drop me a message on the Q and A forum here on ONE.Source and I'll do my best to help.