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    Electronic Bank Processing - ZBA Funding Transfer

    Sainabou Sosseh

      EBS ZBA Account Clearing

      The ZBA – Funds transfer happens every night from our central bank account in company code 10 to various bank accounts in other company codes (for instance 20, 30). We would like to have the ZBA funds transfer posting, which comes in as posting code 275 for funding to the accounts and 575 for funding from the 10 company code bank account, post and clear automatically.

      Below is the posting spec for the 275 posting: (0010 and 0020 are company codes)

      1. 0020-112015 (bank account gl) – 100 (D)
      2. 0020-112025 (bank clearing gl) – 100 (C)
      3. 0010-114100 (Funding from) – 100 (D)
      4. 0020-112025 (bank clearing gl) – 100 (C )


      We have the posting rule Z02 configured to do postings 1 and 2 by using posting type 1. The users are having to make manual journal entries for postings 3 and 4 to clear the items and we would like the option to automate that through the BAI file posting. We are also not able to post to g/l account 114100 since that doesn’t below to the company code that the BAI file is being processed with.


      We would like to be able to do all four transactions through the bank statement processing. We tried to achieve this by moving to posting type 5 where the 112025 account is credited and cleared against but we get an error message that the balance is too large for clearing