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    SAP Business One - Transitioning to HANA – The Time is Now! | Relevant Article from ASUG Volunteer

    Danny Pancratz

      This article was written by longtime ASUG Volunteer, Carl Lewis, so we wanted to share it here. Full article via the link; short intro excerpt below.

      SAP Business One - Transitioning to Hana – The Time is Now!

      E3zine - E-3 Magazine International

      The Time has come for SAP Business One customers who have been running their ERP on Microsoft SQL to make the bold move to SAP Hana.

      Given what I personally know about the differences between MS SQL and SAP Hana it’s imperative that we understand this move for what it is.  It is a very, very meaningful change.  You may notice that I do not refer to this as an “upgrade”.  While there will be elements of an upgrade in this overall project, there will be more work required, more modifications to digest, and a steeper learning curve.  It will also require more significant investments to be made in consulting services and very strategic investments related to infrastructure be they on-premise or cloud focused.  I firmly believe that this is not just a tactical project to keep my system up to date.  This is a strategic business decision.  A decision to remain relative and not be left behind in an every increasingly competitive world of global business.

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