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    HANA Hints and Tips - Working with Schema Exports and Imports

    Richard Duffy

      As you may be aware, as well as my work here on the ONE.Source Community, I also do quite a bit of consulting with SAP Business One users and I also run an SAP Business One Cloud Hosting company - SMB Cloud Services.


      In the course of doing the various tasks involved in keeping the HANA Servers up and optimised I often have to go digging for information on the SAP Support Portal - sometimes a challenge in itself although it has continued to improve!


      When I find useful documents I will share them with you and here's one I found when working on some data exports and imports that has a summary of some guidance that you may find useful


      I have posted the link to the SAP Note here




      If you don't have access to the SAP Support Portal (which as an SAP Business One customer you should have) I also grabbed the latest update of the note in to a PDF and you can find it attached here