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    COBRA Reduction of Working Hours is Not Applicable to All Plans

    Cheryl Lecourt
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      We currently use a third party administrator for our dental and vision plans.  We have kicked off a project to bring these plans in house, but the plans have different eligibility rules for our part-time associates which impacts COBRA functionality.


      Our dental and vision plans are offered at 90 days for both full-time and part-time associates.  Our eligibility rule for our health plan for part-time associates has a minimum hours requirement + 1 year of service.  When an associate fails to meet the hours requirement, they are offered COBRA.  When the COBRA Letter Generation program (RPUCOB02) is executed for these associates, the dental and vision plans are also delimited on IT0167 even though there isn't an hours requirement for these plans. We can add these plans back systematically for these associates, but when a subsequent COBRA action occurs (i.e. separation of employment), the program does not create a new offer for dental and vision.  We receive a message that "Processing unnecessary due to preceeding event".


      Does anyone have different eligibility rules for their plans and use COBRA functionality in SAP?