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    SAP SD - Customer Tax License - functionality

    Pierre Isele
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      We use the Customer Tax License - functionality to check on the Sales Order if the Customer has a Tax exemption.



      Therefore, we maintain the Tax License on the Customer Master (XD03) - Sales Area Data - Tab 'Billing Documents' - Button Licenses.


      The information is technically stored in table KNVL in field LICNR.

      The domain for LICNR is defined with 15 chars.


      When we have started to enter the License Numbers given by our Customers we recognized that the field length for LICNR is too short.
      Please find an example of a Customer Certificate below in the table.


      We want the field to be 30 characters long.

      SAP didn't know about this requirement. Therefore, I wanted to ask all of you

      • whether some of you use that functionality as well and if yes,
      • whether you have the same problem that you are unable to store the full license no in that field?
      • If yes, how did you solve it?

      Thanks in advance




      XYZ, NV123-TX-1003485686-10121