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    Ideas for automating Monthly Microsoft Patches for SAP Production systems

    Carla Matczak
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      Hi friends,


      We are looking to streamline our monthly Microsoft patching process on Production systems.  We are a  Microsoft SQL shop, running on Windows virtual servers.  I am looking for feedback on the following:

      1) Do you update the Microsoft patches monthly on Production, after being on Quality systems for a couple weeks.

      2) Does your BASIS team or windows/server team install patches manually on the SAP production servers ?

      3) Do you stop and start SAP services manually during this process?

      4) Is there any best practice document on how SAP shops should do monthly Microsoft patches ?

      5) Any companies out there have recommendations on any 3rd party tools to assist this monthly process?

      6) Any companies have success writing any scripts to automate this process ?

      Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.