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    Multi-Year budgeting for cities/counties

    Pete Davis
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      We are considering activating Multi-Year Budgeting in FM for a city.  We want the life to date budget control for projects and grants (high volume) and the ability to not have to do commitment carryforward for those projects an grants. 


      For our operating funds, we high a lot of POs that cross fiscal year.  We want them available in a new fiscal year (which occurs automatically with MYB activated), but we need those open POs to consume the new year's budget.  With commitment carryforward not available with MYB activated, we can't use the FMJ2 as a tool to consume the following year's budget.


      Are there any other cities./counties with MYB activated that need to consume budget in the new year for those open PO line items that are processed in the new year for operating funds?  How do you consume that budget?  Do you "complete" the open PO line items and re-create them in the new year?  Have to created some enhancement tool to accomplish this?