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    SAP Partner and S- Logins

    Steve Scott

      My partner wont give me an S Login because they claim they are exempt from providing one since they are an OEM.  Is there another way to get a basic S login at sap for the purpose of getting Low level docs and research issues?


      Here is an example of just one item I am trying to get (but there are many more):


      This document on using project management has a little lock beside it.  When I login it says I need a S Login to access it. 









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          Richard Duffy

          Hi Steve,


          Drop me a note at richard.duffy@asug.com and let me know your partner details and I'll reach out to my contacts at SAP and clarify this - to the best of my knowledge when you look at OEM relationships it is usuually the responsibility of the OEM to provide access to these kinds of documents via their own portal and often times, edited to incorporate the specifics of their solution.


          However I am not sure how this is being addressed with the SAP Business One OEM relationships but I will find out for you.


          In the meantime, heres the document you want and let me know the others and I'll try to get them for you.


          Using Project Management with SAP Business One 9.2