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    Third party CRM integration recommendations



      I raised the questions in the webcast today about CRM integrations with SAPB1.


      We are considering third-party CRM offerings to meet our marketing and sales teams' requirements.  Unfortunately the SAP CRM doesn't quite provide the level of functionality they are looking for.


      The two main options that keep coming up are Salesforce and Hubspot.


      I do have my biases but want to get an independent perspective on the two options with respect to the following metrics:


      1)  Sales (CRM) module

      2)  Marketing (Marketing Automation) module

      3)  Ease of custom integration (API)

      4)  Ease of customization (adding fields and even relationships to their models)

      5)  Pricing.  Also scalability with respect to pricing (are we going to be eased in and then gauged when we grow?)

      6)  Compliance with SAPB1 models - does one offer a more symbiotic relationship with B1 models?



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          Richard Duffy

          Hi Chris,


          Thanks for joining the CRM session and asking the follow up question about how the functionality of SAP Business One and how you can potentially extend that functionality with solutions such as Hubspot and Salesforce.


          Now, in the interest of full disclosure I have to tell you that I am biased towards HubSpot - I have installed the solution across more than 7 different organisations across a variety of different sized organisations, industries and across multiple versions of Hubspot.


          In fact as part of my own business I deployed Hubspot Marketing, CRM and Sales Pro in my own company and decided to add the option to help organisations deploy Hubspot as a Hubspot Agency as well as assistance in building an integrated marketing strategy.


          So I guess it's pretty clear I am a fan of Hubspot as a marketing automation and CRM application.


          I have recently written a review of the solution on G2 Crowd, a third party solution review platform and you can access the link to my review here - https://www.g2crowd.com/products/hubspot/reviews/hubspot-review-395944  as well as a number of other users who reviewed the application here -  https://www.g2crowd.com/products/hubspot/ 


          I have a few other resources that I will update on Hubspot as well shortly as well as reviewing ways that you can integrate SAP Business One and Hubspot utilising a number of different integration tools such as using the DTW as well as Zapier so stay tuned.


          I am also happy to do additional videos explaining the solutions and the specifics you have asked.

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            Richard Duffy

            Chris Walker,  This may also be helpful for you- take a look at Codeless Platforms (formerly known as Orbis TaskCenter)



            HubSpot SAP Business One Integration | Point & Click Integration..