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    Support Spotlight: Journey of an SAP Business One Database Upgrade Incident | LinkedIn

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      Support Spotlight: Journey of an SAP Business One Database Upgrade Incident

      • Published on Published onMarch 24, 2017
      Lilian Kennedy

      Lilian Kennedy

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      Have you ever wondered what happens on the SAP Business One Support side once you send us your database upgrade incident?

      In this article I outline the journey of a typical upgrade incident within SAP Business One Support, giving you a better understanding of the stages the incident goes through.

      I will also focus on the importance of you providing that all important upgrade information to SAP Business One Support when submitting your incident.

      Start of the Journey - What Exactly Do We Need From You?

      It's pretty simple…it's all outlined for you to read in SAP Note 2380811 - Mandatory Information required for SAP Business One Upgrade Incident. Depending on the database upgrade you are doing, gather the information from this SAP Note and open a customer incident.

      This get's a database upgrade incident off to a flying start! Make this SAP Note your first stop for database upgrade incidents.

      The SAP Business One Support Part of the Journey

      When you send the necessary logs and relevant information from SAP Note 2380811 to SAP Business One Support, we start the initial analysis of the incident.

      • After the initial analysis we may a) propose a possible solution for you or b) ask you to carry out additional checks or c) ask you to upload your customer database.
      • If we need to carry out a deeper analysis we will ask you for a copy of the customer's database. See previous articles on How to Successfully Transfer Customer Data to SAP Business One Support and 6 Reasons Why Having RSP Helps Us to Help You
      • Once you send us your customer database, we restore it and run an in-house test upgrade.
      • We analyse the logs and prepare a database solution where possible. Then we re-test the upgrade after applying the solution.
      • Running the test upgrade may need to be repeated several times and it may involve different experts until our destination is reached: A successful database upgrade on our side.

      So how long does this take? When will you get a solution to your upgrade incident?

      The time frame for a solution depends on several factors: database size, root cause of the issue, if there is a need for application code analysis, etc.

      We cannot stress enough the importance of doing a test database upgrade prior to the live upgrade. A live upgrade of a customer database without testing is never recommended - so make life easier for you and your customer and test first!

      I hope this article has given you a better understanding of what happens when you log a database upgrade incident with SAP Business One Support.

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