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    Support Spotlight: Your Top 3 Questions on Pick and Pack in SAP Business One | LinkedIn

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      Support Spotlight: Your Top 3 Questions on Pick and Pack in SAP Business One

      • Published on Published onNovember 16, 2017
      Marcella Rivi

      Marcella Rivi

      Technical Support Consultant at SAP

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      Pick and Pack can be used to keep track of warehouse movements from the moment a request comes in, to the moment the delivery can be created.

      This article aims to provide answers to some of the most common questions we get on Pick and Pack in SAP Business One Support.

      #1: Why is there no line item in Pick List?

      When it comes to deleting Pick Lists, there are two different ways to do this in SAP Business One. Either the lines in the document are deleted one-by-one or the whole document is closed with the option Close.

      Deleting the lines in a document one-by-one, looks like this:

      a. A Pick List has been created based on a Sales Order.

      b. The end user deletes all the rows of the Pick List using “Delete Row”.

      When all the lines of a Pick List are deleted the header of the document will be closed too and its status will be changed to Closed. This is the correct system behaviour.

      The whole Pick List document is ‘Closed’.

      Differently from above, if the end user closes the whole Pick List using “Close” the lines will remain in the document:

      #2: Why is the PickID of a line in a base document not removed when the line is deleted from the Pick List?

      a. A Pick List for Sales Order 9 is created. The Pick ID field in the Sales Order is now populated with the Pick List number 6.

      b. The line in the Pick List is deleted.

      c. Now the line disappears from the Pick List but the Pick ID number remains in the Sales Order. The Pick ID will change only when a new document is added.

      #3: Which Pick List number is visible in the Sales Order (if there are multiple Pick Lists)?

      Users might create different Pick Lists for the same line. However, only the last created Pick List will update the Pick ID field.

      a. After creating the Sales Order, two Pick Lists were created. Only one Pick ID is visible. So, the one created last will update the Pick ID field in the Sales Order.

      b. If the end user adds another Pick List for the same document, the new Pick List’s number will replace the previous value in the Pick ID field.

      c. To view all the Pick Lists created for a specific document, right click on the document and select View Pick List. All the open Pick lists connected to the document will appear (e.g. Released, Picked). If the Pick List is in status “Closed” it will appear if it was closed at header level.

      This article was created to help you with the Pick and Pack process based on the questions we have received in SAP Business One Support. I hope it has helped you understand how the Pick and Pack module is connected to other documents.


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