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    Tip of the Week: UDFs Are at Your Service Reports | LinkedIn

    Danny Pancratz

      If you've been following this space, you know we highly recommend following SAP's Ari Schapira on Linkedin for his fantastic Tip of the Week blog series.


      We'll share these here to help raise awareness and point you in the right direction. Link to post above, blog shown below, and check out the link to all these posts (which span back a few years).

      UDFs Are at Your Service Reports

      • Published on Published onNovember 26, 2017
      ari schapira

      ari schapira

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      User defined fields (UDFs) are very powerful and commonly used for daily tasks in various areas such as logistics, financials, service, etc. Many times UDFs are deeply integrated into the business processes and as such, they hold different kinds of data and values that should be often reflected in respective reports.

      In order to let you see the complete picture, SAP Business One enables you to use UDFs as selection criteria in Service reports:

      This option is available in Service Calls, Service Calls by Queue, Response Time by Assigned to, Average Closure Time, Service Contracts, and Equipment Card Reports.

      Available since SAP Business One 9.2, version for SAP HANA PL07 and SAP Business One 9.2 PL07. This tip and all the other tips are available on the Tip of the week SCN page. You can also visit the Implementation Arena for useful implementation tips.


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