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    Complementary Solutions for SAP Business One at the Biz.ONE Conference (Blog post and Community thread)

    Danny Pancratz

      Complementary Solutions for SAP Business One at the Biz.ONE Conference

      Here's why SAP Business One customers attending the Biz.ONE Conference should research the event sponsors' complementary solutions for Business One.


      Complementary Solutions for SAP Business One at the Biz.ONE Conference

      Complementary Solutions for SAP Business One at the Biz.ONE Conference

      Richard Duffy
      Richard Duffy in SAP Business One, Biz.ONE October 16, 2017

      We are one week away from the Biz.ONE Conference for SAP Business One Users in Anaheim, and by now, you should be deep into planning your visit.

      First, I know many of you recently joined us for our webcast on getting the most of your Biz.ONE Conference experience (available on-demand if you missed it). And, of course, many of you are surely looking at the agenda and planning which sessions to attend.

      Another valuable pre-conference planning activity is to research the event sponsors. While sponsors surely want to connect with you, be sure to consider why you may want to meet with them. Biz.ONE provides a unique opportunity to meet with solution partners and discuss their complementary solutions for SAP Business One. I highly recommend taking the time to identify which sponsors or solutions you want to learn more about.

      But first...

      Complementary Solutions...Not Complimentary

      Rather than "add-on" or other descriptors, I prefer the term complementary solutions. If you look up the definition of complementary, you will see that it means combining to enhance or emphasize the qualities of each other. That is what I look for in these solutions: how well and how easily they link to SAP Business One to drive more value for users.

      I have worked closely with a number of the solutions you'll see at the conference (and less so with others), and I can tell you that they are all focused on helping you make the most of your SAP Business One deployments.

      Now, whether or not the price is complimentary, I can't really help you with that.

      The Plan to Help ASUG Members

      Our plan with the ASUG Community for SAP Business One is to help make more information available about each solution to help you find solutions to better run your business and complement your SAP Business One implementation.

      We will also be working with our partners at G2 Crowd to provide more peer reviews for you to consider when making future buying decisions. (Stay tuned for more details, but why not get started by reviewing SAP Business One.)

      My Focus at Biz.ONE 2017

      I encourage you to research the Biz.ONE sponsors to learn more and plan which ones to visit. On the Biz.ONE Conference website, you can click on the + symbol under each sponsor logo to view the details and learn about their specific area(s) of focus.

      Check out Biz.ONE Sponsors

      For me, I believe the future is all about simplicity and streamlining the user experience. Therefore, I am particularly interested in how the solution partners are achieving this. Don't worry, I'll be reporting back after the conference on what I discover, and I hope many will agree to share more details with our community via a webcast or video.

      Here are a few of the sponsors I plan to visit and the solutions I plan to take a closer look at:

      Exhibitor Solution Focus and Why I'm Interested
      Achieve IT SolutionsLogistics solutions that leverage SAP HANA and the new Service Layer
      EnterpryzeMobile apps for SAP Business One and new Shopify and Square integrations
      BatchmasterProcess Manfacturing solution: Doing great things with B1 and their own IP
      AvalaraSimplifying Sales Tax: Checking out what's new with their B1 integration (watch for ASUG B1 webcast coming in December)
      ForzaLike Batchmaster, this partner is doing great things with the core B1 solution in a focused industry
      SquareSquare Payments and SquarePOS: Looking at the integration possibilities and other solutions they have
      Top Image SystemsAccounts Payable Automation: A big growth area in my view, so I am keen to see what they offer
      Third WavePortal and Integration for B1: I am looking for simplicity, and I hear good things about this solution
      HighJumpI have been a fan of their WMS since it was called Radio Beacon way back when, and I am keen to see what they have for B1 these days
      Richard Duffy will be blogging regularly on SAP Business One hot topics and insights via our primary ASUG blog (http://blog.asug.com/topic/sap-business-one). We'll share them here as a helpful link and among the repository of other micro-blogs, webcasts, and discussions.

      This is also a great forum to discuss this topic among our community:


      - Which partners do you most want to connect with at Biz.ONE?
      - What solutions do you most want to learn about via a webcast?
      - What solutions are  you using now that you recommend other customers check out?


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