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    GRC 10 entries automatically deleted from EAM User, Owner and Controller Tables for 1 connector

    Novella Jane Landreth
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      We have a major issue and would appreciate assistance.  We are using GRC 10.  Sometime after 22:30 system time Monday 10.09.2017, all entries from 1 connector (YPE) were deleted from the GRACFFUSER, GRACFFCTRL and GRACFFOWNER Tables. Entries from OTHER connectors were NOT deleted.  Unfortunately we did not have logging turned on for those 3 tables so we can't check the change history.


      Yesterday, EAM worked successfully to YPE from our GRC production instance (YPR), both the Repository and PFCG synch jobs ran successfully toward YPE and the GRC connector to production instance YPE was also working successfully.   No notes were applied yesterday and we had no recycle.   


      Does anyone have any idea what could have occurred?