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    JEs in Excess of a Threshold Business Rule SAP GRC Process Control

    Matt Reichardt
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      We’re in the process of extending our GRC PC environment out to monitor transaction data in SAP (up until this point, we’ve been using data sources/business rules within Process Control to monitor changes to system/configuration settings and custom program logic), and we’re experiencing some issues when trying to build the data source and business rules in DG1. We are on the current version of GRC PC (with Support Pack Upgrade 13) and NOT yet on HANA.


      Ultimately, we’d like to build a Business Rule alert to be generated monthly of all journal entry line items >= +/-$500k. The particular company codes we are interested in filtering on have different local/group currencies which have complicated things as well.


      Therefore, we’re using Table BKPF as the Main Table for the Data Source, and performing Join Conditions on Company Code, Accounting Document Number, and Fiscal Year to pull in Table FAGLFLEXA for the line item details of the accounting documents. In order to pull in the value fields (FAGLFLEXA-HSL, FAGLFLEXA-KSL, FAGLFLEXA-OSL) of the line items, however, the Data Source requires us to pull in currency fields from Table T882G (see screenshot below).




      After building with all the necessary joins, we generated the Ad-Hoc Query for this Business Rule in GRC PC (DG1) on the DE1CLNT100 Connector for a sample period and noticed a difference in record/result count. After investigating these discrepancies further, it appears Table T882G only contains additional currencies of the non-leading ledger and does not appear to include all Company Codes. As a result, journal entries made under these Company Codes for the period are not being generated/included in the results/records for this Data Source/Business Rule.


      Do you know of any possible alternatives or different courses of action we could take in order to build this Data Source/Business Rule for our objective? Can we (or IT/SAP Support Services) change this setting that requires pulling/joining on Table T882G in order to pull in the transaction value fields (FAGLFLEXA-HSL, FAGLFLEXA-KSL, FAGLFLEXA-OSL)?


      Any help/assistance at all that you can provide would be of great appreciation.


      Thanks and let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this.