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    Support Spotlight: Posting Periods for 2018 - The Journal Voucher Trick! | LinkedIn Article

    Danny Pancratz

      Support Spotlight: Posting Periods for 2018 - The Journal Voucher Trick!

      Jesper Magnusson

      Jesper Magnusson

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      Running a business well requires preparation, but it also helps if you have some useful tips or tricks up your sleeve. You and your customer might have already created the Posting Periods for 2018. If not, SAP Business One Support suggests now is a good time to do this simple task. 

      In this article, I want to show you how you can already create Posting Periods, make postings and run reports for 2018. You can get a jump-start on 2018! I describe how to do this while keeping the flexibility of changing or recreating those Posting Periods, should there be a business need at a later stage. 

      The key is to use Journal Vouchers instead of Journal Entries or other documents. With the Journal Voucher you create a document that has yet to make an entry in your books. You will find them under menu Financials -> Journal Vouchers.

      The Journal Voucher can be included when running reports, just like a standard Journal Entry. 

      As no posting has been made to the permanent file, the system still gives you the possibility to remove and recreate the Posting Period. Simply open the Posting Period, right click and choose ‘Remove’. 

      I hope this tip will help you switch the year with ease. Finally, as additional reading I recommend the SAP Note 1050246 – Administration and Management of Posting Periods.


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      Danny Pancratz

      Jesper Magnusson from SAP Labs shared another great Support Spotlight post on Linkedin (link above). He's a recommended follow and keep an eye out for more of these posts. We will share these types of posts as we see them to point you in the direction of these helpful resources. 

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