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    Requirements Management Configuration step 7.1

    Rockford Patrick

      Hello my colleagues and I are working through setting up Requirements Management. We are on Solution Manager 7.2 SPS 4. We are at step 7.1 - Configure Embedded Search. We are trying to Schedule Initial Indexing and are getting an error. When we've started the indexing we get an "Error While Indexing".


      It goes through Content replication fine for 10 items, however one item fails, the errors logged are:

      06.10.2017 08:46:29 Content replication unsuccessful for ESH:SAD001~SAD001~AI_REQ_MAN_BUS2116~BT_ADMINH with RC: 303 message: invalid DATE, TIME or TIMESTAMP value: Error

      06.10.2017 08:46:29 Index request unsuccessful for object type AI_REQ_MAN_BUS2116

      06.10.2017 08:46:29 Sending indexing requests to HANA database failed

      06.10.2017 08:46:29 HANA call terminated with HANA engine error. Error code: 303

      06.10.2017 08:46:29 Error message: invalid DATE, TIME or TIMESTAMP value: Error in DATE/TIME conversion: type_code=15, index=42Error in DATE/TIME conversion: type_code=15, index=44


      Any thoughts on what we may need to do to correct this error would be helpful.