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    Community Thread: CRM & YEAR-END --  What do you want covered in the Best Practices & Ask the Expert Session?(November 30, 2017)

    Danny Pancratz



      Title: B_1: SAP Business One CRM & Year-End Best Practices - Ask the Expert Session

      Date: Thursday, November 30, 2017

      Time: 10:00 AM Central Standard Time

      Duration: 1 hour


      Hosted by: Business One

      An often misunderstood and under-utilized component of SAP Business One, CRM contains lots of additional usable components that can help you focus more on your most important asset - your customers.

      Additionally, Year-end is a critical time for most finance departments and preparing correctly will make the process even easier. This session will share some best practices and discuss how you can make Year-End less taxing.

      This live session is an interactive opportunity to ask questions and discuss best practices with other attendees. Additionally, you can let us know which topics or questions you would like addressed in advance. Can't make the live session? All ASUG webcasts are recorded and available on-demand if you register in advance or visit ONE.Source, the ASUG Community for Business One.


      Richard Duffy, Community Evangelist and Subject Matter Expert, ASUG



      This session will be the first of our monthly sessions with Richard Duffy meant to be an interactive overview of tips, tricks, how-to's, and best practices on that month's theme(s).


      For December, we'll be looking at both CRM and year-end.


      Comment on this thread with any questions you have, topics you would like addressed, or items you want to discuss on the live session.


      We will use this thread to source material for Richard to prepare the slides and short presentation, but we hope the majority of the session can be interactive and answer any questions that come up during the live event.


      Be sure to register at the link above!
      (Note: If you do not yet have an ASUG login to allow you to comment on this thread, contact memberservices@asug.com for assistance getting one setup.)


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