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    FYI on Improvement Request: SAP Business One Application Connection as Target in SAP BusinessObjects Data Services

    Danny Pancratz
      Now a days many Business Companies which are using QuickBooks, are Migrating to SAP Business One. So if the Data Services has the SAP Business One Connector as Target then DataServices will have one more star connector which can be usefull to many ETL based Companies.

      Thanks PrasannaKumar Pendela
      Sharing this improvement request from the SAP Customer Influence site (influence.SAP.com) as it relates to Business One. 

      This was submitted as part of the SAP Data Services & Information Steward project in late 2015. It is currently not planned, but customers can make their interest heard by voting for this request if it appeals to you. 

      You can also submit other improvement requests via Influence.SAP.com a new Customer Influence site launched in 2017 Q3 and replacing the old SAP Idea Place. 

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