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    EWA failing & generating dumps

    Bill Stouffer

      Solution Manager Early Watch Alerts that worked previously are failing and generating a dump as follows

      Category ABAP Programming Error
      ABAP Program /1AGS/AEA_HEAD_____________005
      Application Component Not assigned
      Date and Time 20.09.2017 08:36:34

      When I look at REPORT 1AGS/AEA_HEAD_____________005

      I see that it was recently activated by SOLMAN_BTC since the last Early Watch Alert was delivered. There does not appear to be any other version other than the one in question.

      Only thing we can remember from the day it was activated was accessing Solution Manger and getting a message about aviding a Sap_all account at which time we backed out.

      Any suggestions or help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.

      Bill Stouffer