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    Can I run SAP Business One version for SAP HANA on VMware?

    Danny Pancratz

      Looking at both production and test environments.

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          Richard Duffy

          Running SAP Business One Version for SAP HANA on vSphere is a supported scenario however there are a number of key considerations relating to the hardware platform and configuration as well as the configuration of the virtual machines.


          The details can be found in the following documents which are current as of September 1st 2017 - a number of the referred documents do require S user access. Contact your partner for S user access if you dont already have it.


          SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA on VMWare vSphere guide | SAP Blogs - Author:Yatsea Li

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            Bernd Hunger

            Hello Richard,


            Thank you for the information. One piece of information I have not been able to find in the various documentation on the SAP and VMWare portals as well as from SAP and Partner contacts is in regards to VMWare's licensing to run B1H. VMWare licensing comes in a few different varieties with a large cost difference. I would like to know what the minimum WMWare licenses that we need to purchase are. We only have two physical servers each being dedicated servers one running SUSE Linux for HANA and the other Windows Server. We would like to move to a virtualized environment if we can do it cost-effectively.


            VMWare information and pricing: Server Virtualization Software | vSphere | VMware

            First, we need to consider if any of the VMWare bundles will work:

            - Essentials Bundles (this would be ideal): VMware vSphere Essentials Kit or VMware vSphere Essentials Plus Kit

            - Acceleration Kits: VMware vSphere Standard Acceleration Kit, VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus Acceleration Kit, or VMware vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus Acceleration Kit

            - Branch Office: VMware vSphere Remote Office Branch Office Standard or VMware vSphere Remote Office Branch Office Advanced


            If not, then we need to piece it out: VMware vSphere Standard, VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus, and VMware vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus. Which is the minimum required? It's not 100% clear, but I also believe pricing is based on per CPU.


            vCenter Server seems to be required, but I'm not completely sure. VMware vCenter Server Foundation or VMware vCenter Server Standard. Will Foundation work or do we need Standard?


            I would also ask, if one of the essentials bundles is not supported, then why not? What feature set is missing in that licensing group? From what I can tell, it only limits the number of licenses that can purchased, but for small installations like ours would be perfect and cost-effective.


            Thank you in advance for your help.

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              Richard Duffy

              Hi Bernd


              VMWare Essentials is definitely supported - the root requirement for  the platform to be supported is the Hypervisor - all the rest of the comp[omnents asnd items that impact on pricing are based on features provided and no of CPU sockets in use.


              I have been running HANA on VMware vSphere Essentials for years now and there are no issues...


              I hope this answers the question for you - let me know of course if there are follow up questions