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    WFA Feature - Limit Metrics where population is <25

    john gunawan

      Hi ASUG Community!


      Has anyone encountered working around limiting measures in their WFA instance where the population of the metric is less a certain number?


      We would like to implement a limit where WFA looks at the population size that is used for the count or the calculation of the metric and advises our users that the "Population size is too small for this measurement/dimension."


      The business impact here is, once we start slicing and dicing the data, the population size being used will inevitably become smaller and smaller. Although name detail information is not revealed, the user could possibly identify who make up the population. For example, if we look at involuntary separations for our executive population, the user can easily identify the employees who make up the measure.


      If you've come across this at your company, I'd love to connect with you on how you worked around WFA's limitation on this type of feature.


      Thanks! John