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    SAP Indirect Access Licensing

    Poole Brian
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      How are you dealing with SAP's position on indirect licensing?


      When we received our quote for the OTC indirect access licenses we were blown away. The licensing required to get permission to import orders/payments from a third-party system was 4x more than the original purchase price for SAP.


      We were told that if we implemented Hybris, we would not need to purchase any indirect access licenses.


      This cannot possibly be appropriate.


      Here are a few articles that echo my concerns:









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          I did an assessment for a client and was told that if we bought Hybris no IA would be payable. I asked if this is not anti-competitive and stopping us from freedom of choice, the SAP AE just said in as many words "Thats too bad, by the time the court cases roll by, we will have millions in additional revenue. Good luck pulling those solutions out then."