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    ASUG EAM WEBCAST SAP Geographical Enablement Framework

    Jeffrey Smith
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                                                                  April 19, 201712:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT  





      EAM: SAP Geographical Enablement Framework: Act on Insights Spatially-Enabled SAP EAM


      Hosted by: Enterprise Asset Management / Plant Maintenance

      Having a GIS-centric approach for dealing with mission critical asset is best practice in many industries. The SAP Geographical Enablement Framework works as the foundation to extend business data, for SAP Business Suite applications, with geometric attributes. As a framework leveraging the spatial capabilities inherent in SAP HANA it enables organizations to develop geospatially enriched business objects, such as master data and transactions, and makes them accessible from within SAP applications as well as external GIS systems. This session will give you an overview of the capabilities and the respective roadmap, the architecture with its inherent benefits, and a live demo of a geospatial interaction between the SAP Business Suite and an Esri ArcGIS system.

      Key Takeaways:

      • SAP Geographical Enablement Framework at the center of geo-enabling SAP business applications
      • SAP HANA is the spatial data store
      • Simplification of the GIS / SAP landscape


      Karsten Hauschild, SAP

      Register here:  ASUG



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