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    S4 Hana Credit Management (FSCM)

    Rupesh Soni
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      Dear All,


      I have configured credit managment functionality under Financial Supply chain management in S4 Hana. Moreover, I have maintained credit limit and Credit Control Area to Business Partner in transaction "UKM_BP", however not able to determine auto credit check in sales order. Kindly  guide me  how can i determine credit check in sales order.


      Configuration steps been followed for credit management :-


      Financial Supply chain management > Crdit Management > Intrigation with Sales & Disctribution:-

      1) Define Credit Segment

      2) Assign Credit Control Area and Credit Segment

      3) Assign Sales Area to CCA

      4) Determine Active Receivable per Item category

      5)  Define Credit Groups

      6) Assign Sales Document & Delivery Docuemnt

      7) Define Risk Category

      8) Define Auto Credit Check (Credit Update - 000012) (Sap Crdit Management (Ticked) Reaction (D) Status /Blocked(Ticked).

      9) Customer Enhancement , Activated BADI (Connection of SD to SAP Credit Management)

      10) In Transaction (UKM_BP)

      In General Data ...credit profile Tab:-

      Maintained :- Rules , Check Rule , Customer Group.


      In  Credit segment data...Credit Limit and Control Tab.

      Maintained - Credit Limit, 


      11) In Sales & Ditribution Tab..maintained Credit control area.


      Kindly suggest if at all any further config is required , since credit check not getting activated in sales order.


      Thanks & Regards.


      Rupesh Soni.

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          Hello Rupesh,


          Please check if you have maintained the credit condition in pricing procedure.




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            Hi Rupesh


            I have the same problem and i have also maintained the subtotal for credit.

            Were you able to resolve the issue and do we need to activate BADI's and which one.


            Thank you



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              Dear Experts,


              I have the isssue on SAP S/4 HANA as below:

              Step 1: Deactivate SAP Credit Management by deselect Deactive SAP Credit Management


              Step 2: Check SAP Credit Management on Automatic Credit Control (TCode OVA8): deselect SAP Credit Mngt option


              Step 3: Create Sales Order with error:

              Error when calling Credit Management: Technical Error

              Message no. UKM_PI008


              You experience an error when calling up SAP Credit Management.



              Contact your system administrator.

              Procedure for System Administration

              Effects on Customizing

              You can define the appearance of this system message according to your requirements. To do this, in Customizing, choose Financial Accounting (New) -> Financial Accounting Global Settings (New) > Tools -> Change Message Control.

              You can find the application area and the message number in the technical information.


              I change message controk from E to W but I can't create Sales Order


              Please help me check this issue



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                Hello Binh,


                This is one authorization issue. While executing standard transaction like sale order creation, system is interacting with FSCM credit management as well. Here users require authorization to some services. Take SU53 screen shot and check with your authorization team. We fixed the same issue after our authorization team provided access to those services.




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                  Hi Tapas,


                  I use SAP_ALL profile to create Sales Order but the issue still occours



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                    Hello Binh,


                    We resolved this issue by providing authorization of following objects.


                    S_Service object

                    F_UKM_SGMT object


                    Check with your authorization team for access of these objects.




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                      I still answer, as the "UKM_PI008" in the title caught my attention (the other question probably would not have), and I have gotten this message only recently myself.

                      My solution was to activate /sap/bc/srt/lsc/ in SICF.

                      Hope this is helpful for others having the same problem!


                      Benjamin Ramirez

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                        Hi Rupesh

                        how to maintain Credit Horizon in FSCM Credit Management

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                          1. The Risk Class under "Credit Monitoring - BP " should have the same ID as the Risk Category under SD Integration. This could be one reason

                          2. Check SAP note 2315269

                          "A distinction is made between the risk category in SD and the risk class in SAP Credit Management (FIN-FSCM-CR). For each risk category (SD) you define here, you need to define a risk class (CR) with the same ID in Create Risk Classes."



                          Vamsee Mopuru

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                            I would like to know the How to check Customer as a Business Partner?