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    Implementing Canadian French.

    Paul Tulloch
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      We will be implementing ERP 6.0 at our Canadian operations in St Jerome Quebec. In a SBX system we have loaded the French (FR) language. We have asked our French Canadian power users,  to take a look at the translations. The predominate feed back is that the translations are not correct. We then loaded the 3F language, which should be, Canadian French but still the translations are correct.

      My question is directed to established SAP ERP implementations in Quebec. What did you do for the regulation that the system must provide the French language? Was loading just FR satisfactory/ Did you load the 3F language and maybe we missed a step in our load? Does SAP provide other Canadian French Translations that I am not aware of? Are there 3rd party sources for the Canadian French translations?

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          Ande Elkins

          Hi Paul,

          We implemented a facility in Montreal recently.

          We installed FR (on our primary EN) ECC6 central instance app server.

          To comply with the regulations, we provided both French and English documentation during the training stage.

          Also, during the legacy data conversion, we mass loaded both French and English master data.
          (ie, alternate language text for the Materials, BOMs, etc)

          The facility has a mix of French and/or English speaking employees.


          This way, an employee can define their language choice (in the GUI logon), and SAP will display both the transactions and master data to match ;-)

          So far, all has gone well !