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    Access to historical Vertex data on Hana database

    Kim Dudgeon
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      We are migrating from our Oracle database to the SAP Hana database on SAP ECC 6.0 (EP7).  We also run Vertex for our sales tax.  We were on Q Series until November of 2015, when we switched to O Series.  The Vertex Q Series historical data was not migrated into O Series, it remains on the Q Series database.


      Vertex is telling us that as of today, they do not support their system on a Hana database.  We are looking to be off of our Oracle database by the end of the year, but still need access to the historical sales tax data within Q Series indefinitely for audit purposes.


      I have seen presentation postings of companies using both SAP and Vertex that have migrated to Hana.  How have you handled the requirement to have access to that historical data?  We don't want to have to keep a terabyte's worth of data sitting around on a system we don't use just because we need it for audit purposes.  Were you able to convert it somehow and store it on another database?




      Kim Dudgeon