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    What system have you found to be successful for Master Data Management

    Kate Lafferty
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      Hello -

      We have been using an old Lotus Notes form system to submit new or update requests in the areas of

      - Customers

      - Vendors

      - Materials

      - Equipment

      - GL Accounts.


      It has the basics:  workflow and single level approvals and tracks time from submit to completion.

      However there are many other things it doesn't do. including interface to SAP, force adherence to business defined rules, and some multi-tiered approvals.

      We want to replace it and are currently in the Build vs Buy stage.

      So far, looking at MDG, K2 and have recently heard of Infosphere and others in the Forrester report.


      Looking for some first hand information from MDM IT or business experience.

      Do you have If you have a product that has been working well for your organization ?  One to steer clear of ?

      I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Thanks in advance.


      Kate Lafferty,


      Calgary, Alberta