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    GRC Influence Update Webcast September 28

    Richard Fowler
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      GRC Influence Update Webcast September 28



      Did you participate in the GRC Access Control Influence activities in 2015?  Are you new to GRC and want to learn what is being delivered with the customer ideas and development requests?  Mark your calendars for a webcast to learn what is being delivered, how to get it and the status of all outstanding requests.


           (Thanks to Greg Capps and the Security SIG for passing along this information!)


      * * * Calendar Invite Included in the Attachment * * *



      SAP Customer Connection for GRC Access Control 2015


      Delivery Call webinar


      Session Title: 2nd Delivery Call for SAP Customer Connection Focus Topic GRC Access Control 2015

      Date: Wednesday, September 28th, 2016Time:
      7:30 am PST (USA Pacific),
      9:30 am CST (USA Central, Mexico),
      10:30 am EST (USA Eastern),
      4:30 pm CEST (Germany, Austria, France),
      8 pm IST (India),


      Duration: 1 hour


      Dear all,

      We would like to invite you to the second Delivery Call webinar for SAP Customer Connection Focus Topic GRC Access Control 2015.


      In this webinar SAP will present improvements which we developed based on your requests, and which are planned to be available for productive use. We will explain the content of the improvements, and show how you can start using them for your company’s benefit.


      You will find further information about this webinar on https://influence.sap.com/GRCAccessControl2015.


      Please be informed that the Webinar will be recorded.


      Web conference link and phone numbers for dialing in are given below.


      Best regards


      Nadine Engler


      Nadine Engler
      Project Expert, Customer Connection
      SAP SE
      , Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16, 69190, Walldorf, Germany

      Web Conference Link:   https://sap.emea.pgiconnect.com/D023814
      Participant Passcode:   168 786 4024  

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      Canada 1 877 252 4916  tel:18772524916,,,1687864024#

      Colombia, Bogota        +57 1 508 8133  tel:+5715088133,,,1687864024# 
      Colombia 01 800 755 0035 tel:018007550035,,,1687864024#

      Mexico, Mexico City     +52 55 8421 0896 tel:+525584210896,,,1687864024#
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