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    GTS Special Interest Group has Three Webinars in August and September

    Robert Adams
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      The GTS Special Interest Group has three webinars scheduled in August and May. Each of these three will be highly interesting and informative. To register for these you need to go to Events here on the ASUG Website. If you go to the Full Calendar you will see all of the scheduled ASUG events. The three GTS webinars are:


      * SAP GTS Import Filing Using a Custom's Broker - August 12 @ 1:00 PM Eastern - This will be given by Tom Neary of Krypt, Inc and will look at a case study of a company using GTS to file imports through a customs broker.


      * GTS Roadmap 2016 - August 31 @ 2:00PM Eastern - SAP's Linda McKee (Solution Manager for GTS) and Bruce Romney (Sr Director, SAP's Center of Excellence, GRC) will present the GTS roadmap.


      * GTS Can Do That? - September 30 @ 1:00 PM Eastern - Robert Waldrop and Rada Gaynullina of KPMG will present on features within GTS that are overlooked sometimes.


      Please sign up for these events and pass the word about them to other GTS users.


      Also be on the lookout for our 2016 GTS Survey. We would love to get your feedback so that we can improve the group and tailor our webinars, ASUG Annual Conference Sessions and other things to fit your needs.