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    Vendor-Managed Inventory in ERP?

    Ray Adams
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      We (SAP Chemicals IBU) are in the process of taking our best practice scenarios (all 96 of them) from ECC to S/4.  We have a scenario on VMI in ECC.  VMI capabilities also exist in APO SNP, SNC and to a lesser extent Ariba.  In the current release of S/4 (1511), the VMI capabilities do not exist - so we need to either develop the functionality in S/4 or find a 'permanent' home for VMI.  APO SNP and SNC will be fully supported at least thru 2025.  My gut tells me that VMI capabilities (longer term) should reside fully in Ariba with appropriate interfaces to S/4. 


      So, the quick question:  is ANYBODY using a VMI scenario leveraging core ECC functionality?  If NO, then what technology do you leverage for your VMI scenarios?  Greatly appreciate the feedback. Feel free to reach out to me directly.  ray.adams@sap.com.