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    Business One MRP 9.1 HANA is difficult

    Larry Bowdish
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      We are having difficulty understanding MRP in Business One 9.1 HANA. Is there anyone who can offer assistance or guidance with these issues in Business One?



         B1 MRP reports for suggested Purchase Request does not allow Purchase Orders to be Created for each individual supplier – again seems odd and think we are missing some vital information that we can not able to provide to SSI in training.  Highly unlikely that B1 would allow only 1 purchase order for various products from multiple suppliers.  Resolution is to individually select items for purchase from the Purchase Request report that does not list the Supplier name or code number and that field is not available – again needs to be investigated.

      Minimum Order Requirements – B1 does not support this . We were advised that an Alert could be entered that every PO issued would be placed through this query and advise an alert that would require Authorization to create a purchase order – again cumbersome

      In our current ERP system suggested Purchase Order list Vendor with Minimums for Freight Paid, Minimum Order Value required.  A purchase Order does not need to be created to see this information.  B1 at this time would require a Purchase Order to be created to get this information with an alert that the PO does not meet SSI Set Parameters.  If not meeting the set parameters on the Alert Query  PO could be deleted or added to meet the minimum needed, or deleted and then restart the MRP replenishment wizard.   Again no work around without Paper or queries in B1.

      Is this a common issue with Business One?  Is there a simple work around?  Is there hope in 9.2 to address some of these issues?