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    Webcast - Linear Master Data Governance for Infrastructure Networks

    James Charboneau
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        Customers running SAP Plant Maintenance have long sought to govern the linear and geospatial attributes of their functional location and equipment masters within infrastructure networks – roads, pipelines, energy grids, railroads and waterways. Master Data Governance (MDG) once thought of as a machine function now involves coordination and communication between EAM and ERP data custodians across the business unit. SAP MDG for EAM is now available for Linear Asset Management (LAM). Inaccurate asset master data has significant impacts in terms of regulatory compliance, delays, errors, omissions and unproductive time upon those managing infrastructure networks and disrupts the success of Maintenance Excellence programs and Customer Service Delivery. Pristine linear master data is needed to accurately define the location and configuration of asset(s) within exact segments of a network and alignment with crisp, clear geospatial data like longitude/latitude allows planners to schedule work for the correct asset and dispatch workers to the right location in the most efficient pattern or route. This webinar will focus on the business benefits and software functionality for governing the mastering of linear data and governance of people processes to ensure pristine linear and geospatial data drives prescribed business activities resulting in network asset availability. In this webinar, you will learn: • How MDG for EAM (LAM) addresses master data challenges for network operations • The solution architecture and approach taken with SAP Master Data Governance • Data model coverage and functional scope of MDG for EAM (LAM) • Look and feel of the MDG solution including an overview of the linear data create/change workflow and use of BRF+ business rules