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    DevOps for SAP

    Paul Esteves
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      I presented this topic at ASUG PNW Chapter November 2015 to a larger than expected audience with expected, yet unexpected questions.  Most of these questions were around How do we get this implemented in our organization.


      Q&A continued well over our allocated time, thankfully the primary message was received.  Just Do It.  Get started, does not matter how small you start off, just start.


      The most powerful slide was my quote extract, from Wireless Telegraphy & Telephony 1908 – Nikola Tesla

      "A mass in movement resists change of direction.  So does the world oppose a new idea.  It takes time to make up the minds to its value and importance. Ignorance, prejudice and inertia of the old, retard its early progress.  It is discredited by insincere exponents and selfish exploiters.  It is attacked and condemned by its enemies. Eventually, though, all barriers are thrown down, and it spreads like fire.”


      Essentially, don't fear change, it's going to happen with our without you.