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    Need help with FAGLFLEXA and FAGLFLEXT tables

    Will Shingleton
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      Hi everyone,


      Our company is in the middle of upgrading to BPC 10.1 (MSFT version).   During a review of our  ECC configuration (we run ECC 6.0 EHP 6), it was observed that the configuration object “Assign Scenarios for GL Accounting” is missing a scenario that is impacting the integration to BPC. The scenario FIN_CONS was not assigned to the our ledgers, and thus the Trading Partner field is not being populated in the FAGLFLEXA and FAGLFLEXT tables. BPC uses the Trading Partner field to perform auto-eliminations and the BW extractors pull this field from these tables. Since we are already in production, we understand that we cannot just update this configuration without some process to re-build the totals tables to include that Trading partner details, including historical data. Currently our BPC team has a workaround where they backfill this information from the BSEG table, but the team has determined that is not sustainable and leads to other risks as well.  


      We reached out to SAP Support and we got a response and a semi-relevant OSS note (891144) that wasn't very helpful.  Does anyone have any suggestions to how we might go about solving this issue?