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    GTIN recycling

    Claudio Puma
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      Hello everybody


      we are running SAP Retail 6.05 and are using GTINs to transact with partners via EDI.

      Currently we are in the process of monitoring GTIN usage and are wondering about best practices on how to re-use GTIN a save costs on further GTIN registration.


      As we are not planning to archive article master but just remove "Article - GTIN" assignment, we were wondering if anybody has already dealt with similar requirement or process.


      For instance, you can find this topic well explained in the AFS application help or SAP Note 2295479 "EAN Recycling in FMS" confirming availability for FMS 2.2.  On the contrary, there's no mention that this feature is available for Retail.


      Years ago, when I was working with another Retail environment, we implemented a custom solution which basically worked similarly as the AFS topic describes.


      Do you have any experience with GTIN recycling in SAP Retail?

      Would you be so kind to share some information?


      Many thanks in advance